Stahlwille University
Welcome to Stahlwille University.

Use this site to get the latest training on Stahlwille tools. There are PDF documents to download, videos covering training & operation of products and images for advertising or training purposes.

Specifically designed for our valued distributors and customers. If you have any suggestions, would like to see a video made, topic discussed, or information added please drop us an email and we'll get right on it.

Stahlwille U is optimized for viewing on iPhone, iPod Touch and Google mobile platforms. Perfect for showing a customer on site!

The movies on the site require Quick Time to view. You can get it free

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What's so special?

Stahlwille Tools are built to tolerances and specifications that most tool companies are unwilling or unable to meet. Stahlwille Tools takes a different approach than other major tool brands.

Instead of building car tools and expecting the customer to use those on aircraft, Stahlwille builds aerospace quality tools that can be used on cars.

The result is fewer damage fasteners, longer tool life, and less down time due to breakage and exchange.

Initial cost is one thing. When you add up the cost of ownership over time Stahlwille Tools are clearly a more cost effective choice.

Stahlwille Tools = assets to the bottom line.