Stahlwille University
PDF calibration documents. Perfect for passing along to Metrology and PMEL customer labs. These documents outline the calibration procedures based on and conforming to the ISO-6789 protocol. Parts lists are available upon written request.

Calibration procedures for the 730D digital torque wrench are provided to certified calibration facilities. Please email a request for 730D calibration procedures to be sent to customer labs.

At this time the 712, 713 torque wrenches can be confirmed for accuracy by customer calibration facilities. If a 712 / 713 torque wrench is found to be out of spec it needs to be returned to Stahlwille Tools North America for calibration.

Calibration (confirmation of accuracy) of digital transducers used in the 7707 and Auto Tork bench can be done by the customer depending on the accuracy of their process. Stahlwille factory representatives can assist in determining the process by which a customer can confirm accuracy in house. Adjustment of digital transducers requires sending the transducer to Stahlwille Tools North America. The transducers will be adjusted in the US by a certified factory facility. There is a fee for this service which runs approximately 14 days total turn around.
Use and operation of the 730D. In depth menu operation and explaination.
Calibration and disassembly / assembly and cleaning information.
Cut away image of the 730N series torque wrenches. Shows internal function and advantages of Stahlwille Torque wrenches.
Recommended procedures for fixing any weird issues encountered with 712/713 series digital wrenches.
Setting, programing and using 712 / 713 digital torque wrenches.
Calibration and service of 730 and 721 series mechanical torque wrenches.
Factory calibration sheet sample document. Document included with all mechanical and digital torque wrenches suitable for traceablity to NIST, DIN & ISO.
730D factory user manual.
Proper orientation of Stahlwille torque insert heads.