Stahlwille University
Click on the file to download PDF documents covering:
Factory brochure covering 730N series torque tools.
Factory brochure covering 730D series torque wrenches.
Factory brochure for 712 & 713 torque wrenches.
Factory brochure for 7707 torque tester & digital transducers.
Covers the advantage of Stahlwille torque wrenches. Perfect for customer presentations.
Cut away view of the 730N torque wrench. Also applicable to 730 series.
Step by step operation of the 730D digital click type torque wrench.
730D Angle module factory brochure. Simply attach to the 730D to enable digital angle measurement without a reference point.
Comparision chart of features on 712, 713 and 730D model torque wrenches.
Proper orientation of Stahlwille torque wrench insert heads.