Stahlwille University
The nail foundry orginally started by Eduard Wille in 1862 soon developed to become a respected manufacturer of high-grade tools. The attention of Stahlwille to quality, diversity of the products offered and specialization to task ensured that this family business maintained it's steady progress through even the toughest crises. Today a consistant customer driven approach compliments the tried and tested principals to provide a solid foundation for the future.

In the early 1960's torque became a focal point of Stahlwille's technical expertise. Through steady evolution and attention to end user requirements Stahlwille Torque tools set the standard that few are able to meet. The excptionally accurate and durable 730N series has been followed by the ground-breaking 730D digital wrenches. Cost effective, accurate, durable and very long lasting characterize Stahlwille Torque tools and torque testing equipment.

From a manufacturer of nails to solutions for assembling & repairing the worlds most advanced forms of transportation, power generation and energy systems, Stahlwille Tools are assets to the bottom line.
Stahlwille Tools are not only the professionals preferred choice in the automotive & industrial sectors but aerospace professionals world wide have come to appreciate the dimensional accuracy and high performance of Stahlwille Tools. Stahlwille employs aerospace engineers and technical consultants to work with the end user. This assures that the proper application of the tools whether on military fast jets, tactical, civilian transport or sport aircraft.

By building and designing tools to these demanding applications the entire line of Stahlwille Tools benefits. Non flaking chrome, tight dimensional tolerances so as to not damage expensive fasteners, torque wrenches that can survive all kinds of abuse, these are all features made for aircraft yet benefiting the ship building, wind generation, automotive, and industrial customer.

Stahlwille has taken the customer relationships of almost 150 years very seriously. The advances in tool technology and quality come from the relationship with our customers. We do not take for granted the trust and confidence that the end user puts in a Stahlwille Tool and will continue the 148 year tradition of meeting the demanding requirements of our customers.